We try to be company that can share the happiness, through Sanyo.

  • Make customers happy
  • Make employees happy
  • Make community happy

Quality policy

Creation of our products,
every single staff executes with their pride,
self-confidence and responsibility for customers' fulfillment.

The origin of the company name

In incorporates the meaning "Higher like the Mountains and Deep like the Sea".



Representative Director, Chairman Hiroshi Nakatani

“Responsibility” and “pride”
for production of cotton buds.

Since our foundation, we have been committed “to producing products to satisfy our customers.” In other words, we are responsible for our products and are proud of satisfying our customers. This policy leads to product development to meet future customer needs, internal development of devices to enable these needs, and technological innovation. We provide cotton buds used cleanly as they are individually packed, enjoyable designed printed stems and HUBY obtained a high market share as cotton buds for industrial use including cotton buds in a round container popular at home, to the world.

We try to be company that can share the happiness, through Sanyo.

We have pushed forward with our work, in order to provide “safety and security” and “satisfaction” by developing, producing and selling high quality and value-added cotton buds. As a result, employee and their family will be happy, community will be happy on the employment or tax payment fronts. And make more customers be happy through Sanyo’s products. This is our philosophy we create, “We try to be company that can share the happiness, through Sanyo.”

Representative Director, President Tsutomu Hibi

Commitment to manufacturing

In addition to the declining birthrate and the aging population, due to the remarkable growth of Chinese enterprises and the M & A of Western companies, the environment surrounding us has become more severe than ever. We have to acquire competitiveness that can not be defeated by overseas crowds while further strengthening "commitment to manufacturing" and "high quality" unique to Japanese companies that have cultivated over 50 years since our foundation. While pursuing the happiness of our employees and their families, we will make every effort to meet the expectations of customers and business partners. We look forward to your continuous guidance in the future, thank you.

Mere a cotton buds, but a cotton buds

Not only for general household use, cosmetic use, medical use, industrial use, but also new applications such as inspection and surgical applications have increased recently. Also, high-quality buds are becoming favored overseas, and exports to Asia and Europe and the United States are also increasing. We are aiming for the No. 1 share in the high value-added market, we will continue to pursue product development and market development and continue pursuing "customer-friendly product creation".


Company Name Sanyo Co., Ltd.
Chairman CEO Hiroshi Nakatani
President COO Tsutomu Hibi
Inauguration April 1967
Foundation May 1980
Capital 60 million yen
Manufacturing and selling cotton buds and balls
Osaka Headquarters
2-2-6 Nakano-cho Higashi,
Osaka, 584-0022 Japan
TEL : +81-721-24-3376
 FAX : +81-721-24-9145
Tokyo Office
3-4-10 Uchi-Kanda,
Chiyoda-ku, Tokyo,
101-0047 Japan
TEL : +81-3-6206-8835
 FAX : +81-3-6206-8729
Number of employees 140
Major banks of accounts Komagawacho Branch,Sumitomo Mitsui Banking Corporation
Fujiidera Branch,MUFG Bank, Ltd.
Tondabayashi Branch, Risona Bank

Main authorizations and certifications

Management system
ISO 9001(*1)
January 1, 2001
ISO 13485(*2)
April 7, 2021

(*1)Design and Manufacture of cotton swab for industrial use, Cleaning sticks, Medical cotton swab 100 heat, 3” single sided cotton swab for baby 30P heat bag

(*2)Design and manufacture of sterile applicators for medical use

Business authorization
Type 3 medical device
manufacturing and sales
Permit Number:

Medical device manufacturing industry Permit Number:
Cosmetics manufacturing and sales Permit Number:
Cosmetics manufacturing industry Permit Number:

Member organizations

Group Companies

Representative Director Yoshiyuki Kataoka
Founding April 2008
Capital $600,000
Manufacture and sales of cotton buds and cotton balls
Address Plot 226/10, Road
2, AMATA Industrial
Park, Long Binh
Ward, Bien
City, Dong Nai, Viet Nam
TEL : +84251-393-6340
 FAX : +84251-393-6633
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Corporate name CLEAN CROSS CO.,LTD
President Hiroshi Nakatani
Capital JPY 9million
The exclusive sole agent of HUBY-340/HUBY-APEX --
cotton swab for industrial use for national and international.
The export agent of cotton buds produced by SANYO.
Development of cleanroom materials.
Import, export and domestic sales of cleanroom consumables.
Address 2-3-28 Wakamatsucho-higashi,Tondabayashi-shi,
Osaka, 5840023, Japan
TEL : +81-721-20-0120
 FAX : +81-721-20-0278
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Company Name Santec Co., Ltd.
Representative Director Hiroshi Nakatani
Establishment October 1984
Capital 50,000,000 yen
Manufacture and sales of paper stem
Address 2-3-30 Wakamatsucho-higashi, Tondabayashi-shi,
Osaka, 5840023, Japan
TEL : +81-721-25-6418
 FAX : +81-721-25-7338
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