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We will continue our commitment for delivering better cotton buds.

Based on the corporate philosophy,
"We try to be company that can share the happiness, through Sanyo."
we strive to develop technological innovations and products every day
and have been producing a wide variety of cotton swabs for more than 50 years.
We will continue to strive for technological innovation
and product development and contribute to the SDGs'
achievement through all kinds of corporate activities.

Cleaning activities in the neighborhood.

近隣を流れる石川の清掃風景 SDGs目標11住み続けられる街づくりを14海の豊かさをまもろう

We actively and voluntarily participate in the company's nearby "Ishikawa river" cleaning activities. All staff together to pick empty cans, plastic bottles, plastic bags, and other garbage up at the riverside, committed to landscape and environmental protection. In addition, every morning, we clean the roads around the company, working on the maintenance of the landscape and ensuring safe passage."

Joint research with Osaka University

In collaboration with Osaka University, we reviewed medical swabs from the manufacturing method and developed the world's first ultra-micro swab (Dr. HUBY micro). We have developed "Dr. HUBY" ultra-micro swab that is expected to have merited such as minimal invasiveness (almost no scars remain), widening the field of view during surgery, and the ability to perform detailed work protectively due to the ultra-micro diamerer.

Creating a comfortable working environment.

近隣を流れる石川の清掃風景 SDGs目標11住み続けられる街づくりを14海の豊かさをまもろう

We are working to maintain the physical and mental health of all employees by introducing "no overtime working", improving the rate of paid acquisition, introducing planned paid grantages, activities of the Health and Safety Committee, setting up proposal boxes, and implementing a stress check system for applicants.

Regional contribution.

近隣を流れる石川の清掃風景 SDGs目標11住み続けられる街づくりを14海の豊かさをまもろう

In April 2020, the Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry selected us as a "regional future leader", a business that can play a central role in the regional economy. In addition, we concluded an "Agreement on Cooperation in Supplying Supplies in the Event of a Disaster" with Tondabayashi City and signed an agreement to provide cotton swabs for free in the event of a disaster. We will continue to contribute to the development and revitalization of the local economy.

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