Personal Information Protection Policy

Sanyo Co., Ltd. (hereinafter to be referred to as "The Company") recognizes that the personal information received from customers are important assets of customers and shall endeavor to protect the personal information when stored and when used based on the following policy.

  1. The Company will limit the collection of personal information within the range necessary for the execution of business and pledges to collect personal information by lawful and fair methods.

  2. The personal information acquired will only be used within the scope of the purpose presented at the time of acquisition and limited to only as long as necessary for the execution of business.

  3. The Company will not provide any personal information that has been acquired to third parties without the prior consent of the person, with the exception of requests regarding legal obligations based on laws and regulations.

  4. The Company will maintain the accuracy of personal information and manage it safely.

  5. The Company will take appropriate information security measures to protect against loss, destruction, falsification leakage, unauthorized access, computer viruses, etc. of personal information. Additionally, through daily monitoring, audits, and reception of complaints, The Company shall detect problems and accidents such as loss, etc., and promptly take corrective and preventive measures.

  6. The Company will prevent personal information managed by The Company from being taken outside of The Company and prevent it from being transmitted through a network.

  7. The company shall promptly comply when there is a request by a person for the disclosure, correction, suspension of use, erasure, etc. of that person's personal information, managed by The Company.

  8. The Company will do the utmost to observe laws, guidelines and other standards regarding personal information and protect the personal information that The Company handles.

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