We will continue our commitment for delivering better cotton buds.

At Sanyo, from our hope to "provide our customers with
peace of mind and safety" by corresponding meticulously
to the diverse needs of our customers, we endeavor daily in technical innovation
and products development to produce a wide range of cotton buds.

The 3 Commitments of Sanyo

01 Commitment to Quality

Sanyo has been committed to the materials, manufacturing, and quality since its establishment.
We believe that in order to provide the high quality,
peace of mind and safe cotton buds, we must be diligent in regards to everything.


    The materials of cotton buds are mainly cotton, glue, and a shaft. We deliver to high-tech Japanese manufacturers who understand our desire. We also strive daily to make better products through cooperative development with manufacturers.


    Our know-how and dedication to cotton buds of more than 50 years are condensed. At Sanyo, the appearance being clean is a matter of course and we strive to correspond to the diversity of our customer demands such as stiffness to fluffiness. We engage in high value-added manufacturing at our own production lines.


    We employ our own production and inspection system. We set strict standards for all of our products and use various precision instruments for checks such as measuring instruments, metal detectors, and microscopes. Only products that have passed this strict inspection are shipped to you.

The process of making Sanyo cotton buds

  • Feed stems

    Apply stems

  • Shape cotton

    adhere cotton with lower glue Shape cotton with upper glue

  • Dry

    Dry cotton buds

  • Inspect by camera

    Inspect of defective

  • Feed into containers

    Feed 200 cotton buds

  • Wrap

    Film wrapping

  • Metal detector

    Dust particle inspection

  • Visual inspection

    Final inspection by humans

  • Pack

    Automatic packing

01 Commitment to Production

At Sanyo, we strive to create products
that will please our customers and undertake in developing our own technology, planning, and manufacturing.
In order to meet the yearly diversification of needs, from larger soft cotton balls to 360° ear cleaning type cotton buds,
our brand encompasses dozens of types. This is also the result of our efforts in making things to please our customers.

Sanyo's "first" products born from our commitment

  • Ear Pick 1975

    A product made through trial and error to see whether a shape resembling an ear pick widely used in Japan could be made.

  • Tip of brush 1981

    At the request of a major cosmetics manufacturer, we succeeded in producing a cotton bud with a pointed tip instead of a tip that was round.

  • Sales of Round Containers 1983

    We focused on transparent plastic containers in the era when leaf packages were the mainstream because they looked better and were more stable than packaging in bags.

  • Cotton swabs for industrial use 1990

    Cotton swabs used in the manufacturing of electronic equipment and precision equipment. Detailed functions are desired such as size and fiber loss since they are for use with high-tech equipment.

  • Otolaryngology Use 1997

    Disposable hand-spun cotton buds. This product eliminates the need for nurses to wind cotton and for disposal afterward.

  • Pretty-Fluffy 2011

    Cotton bud made in pursuit of "softness" for the cotton area. You can enjoy the supreme bliss of the softness.

  • Premium Series 2012~

    A cotton bud filled with the commitment of Sanyo. We are committed to the feel of the cotton portion, the strength of the shaft, and peace mind in the design.

  • 360°Ear-pickish cotton buds 2017

    A cotton bud made in pursuit of "feels good". With a tip shaped like a mushroom made of cotton, clean ears with a cotton bud that has a more gentler feel to the ear than ear pics.

The Precision of the Machine is also Important

  • In making cotton buds that are gentle to people, not only is the technology of the producer but also the precision of the machine is important. One of the secrets of Sanyo's high quality is that "Professionals that fully understand cotton buds make the machines". From the time of establishment, we made our own machines and produced cotton buds with them. There are many highly skilled craftsmen in Sanyo for this reason.

  • The condition of cotton will slightly change according to the temperature and humidity of the day because cotton is alive. Expert craftsmen who work with cotton buds daily and thoroughly know the machines and cotton buds sense this and keep them within standards. The cotton buds of Sanyo are the concentrated techniques of these highly skilled craftsmen.

Joint Development of Cotton Buds
for Surgery with Osaka University

Through joint development with the research group of Professor Seiichi Nakajima of the Osaka University International Medical Information Center, an ultra-thin, 3 mm diameter cotton bud, “Dr. HUBY micro”, for laparoscopic surgery was developed. It does not obstruct the field of vision during surgery making it easy for delicate work and also there is little scaring. This was one step in a new field for Sanyo.

01 Commitment to Specializing
in Cotton Buds

Only a cotton bud, however a cotton bud.
We believe in the potential of cotton buds and develop various buds daily.
The thought of "creating something that does not exist in the world",
we will continue to make cotton buds that will please our customers
by creating things
that only Sanyo, and no one else, can make.

Please take a look at our products filled with our considerations.


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